Dancing English is super-fun music for primary-age children, created to teach English language skills through both music and meaningful movement. Simple to teach and learn, but super fun to sing and dance to. And it sounds as good as the radio! Because thousands of children´s concerts have shown us that older kids don´t want songs for pre-schoolers. They want modern music and real-world lyrics. They want to rock out!

Our songs combine music recorded by Grammy-level musicians, a meaning-based action for every phrase, and sounds older kids simply can´t resist. Children will learn effortlessly as they sing our high-energy songs and enact the lyrics through gesture and dance. And our free worksheets make it easy to expand and deepen their language skills.

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Dancing English songs are created specifically to teach English language skills. But that doesn´t mean they can´t be fun! And we´ve kid-tested our songs to make sure they are. Rather than sing another pre-school song about farm animals, older kids […]

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Grammy-level pros? Radio-ready sound? Kids notice the difference!

Why do Dancing English songs sound like they came straight from the radio or TV? Because our musicians are the kind of people whose work actually is all over the airwaves, and they tour all over the world. The person […]

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